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Western Melbourne

Better understanding disengagement from early parenting services

Image children reading a book
Image children reading a book

The Western Melbourne Child and Youth Area Partnership in conjunction with Tweddle Child and Family Health Service, undertook a joint project to review three years of de-identified intake data from Tweddle Child and Family Health Service to gain a better understanding of disengagement from early parenting services.

The research found that there was very little difference between those who engaged with the Early parenting services and those who did not proceed past intake. Another positive finding of the research was vulnerable families were more likely to engage with Tweddle.

The project included interviews of staff at three early parenting centres and a worldwide early parenting literature review. The project found that the current practice at Tweddle is very much aligned to the recommended practices identified through the literature review.

While we always strive for best practice and improvements to service that better meet the needs of identified clients, this project did not identify any significant practice gaps or a specific client group that was not engaging with the service.