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Western Melbourne

Improving Outcomes For Wyndham’s Koorie Children

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The Western Melbourne Area Partnership is assisting the Western Melbourne Secretaries Project, led by the Secretary of the Victorian Department of Education and Training, Gill Callister, to improve opportunities and outcomes for Koorie children in their early years in the Wyndham area.

The project is looking to:
- increase the number of children attending playgroups and kindergartens
- reduce the level of student absenteeism in educational settings
- increase children's educational attainment levels.

The project is taking a place-based approach, and seeks to deliver on the goals in Marrung: Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026 around the early years.

Run in partnership with the local community, including key Koorie representatives and local service providers who are already very passionate about the issue, the project is focusing in particular on improving the lives of Aboriginal children aged 0-8 in Wyndham.

The Project will also be working with other complementary local projects in Wyndham so that collectively, they can best meet the needs of the community.

The Western Melbourne Area Partnership is , supporting the project’s establishment, as well as supporting the formation of its working groups and ensuring communication and engagement with the community occurs throughout the process.

Wyndham has a rapidly growing Koorie population and strong community support for improved outcomes for children.

For more information, contact Hayley Rose, Principal Adviser of the Western Melbourne Area Partnership on 03 8397 0722 or email